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BSafe HOCl’s incredible effectiveness as a healing agent and disinfectant combined with its unparalleled safety makes it perfect for use in a truly wide variety of applications.


Hypochlorous is produced naturally in our bodies to fight infection and inflammation

Safe and Non-Toxic

HOCl is harmless and hazardless. It can even be sprayed directly into the face, eyes and mouth.

Incredible Killing Power

HOCl has been proven to kill the full spectrum of pathogens. This includes all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Product Application Overview

The use of HOCl products have proven valuable and often indispensable to a number of industries. It’s applications are spread over a huge spectrum that include Cosmetic, Medical, Dentistry, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Mining.

It’s uses include purification and protection of our skin from harmful pathogens, wound care, sterilization of equipment, cleaning of piping and conveyor belts, disinfecting of surfaces, washing of fruit, vegetables and seafood and sanitation of air through the use as a vapor.

The Ultimate Personal Sanitizer

Regular and effective hand sanitation has become crucial in the modern world. BSafe HOCl provides a revolutionary new product in the field of personal sanitizers. It is natural, completely non-toxic and safe enough to spray directly into the face, eyes, mouth and nasal passages, providing protection to the most vulnerable areas.

Surface Disinfectant for your Home and Office.

BSafe HOCl tablets are perfect for disinfecting your home and office space. Our HOCl products are non-toxic, does not stain and will not leave any residue on surfaces. It’s affordable and suited as an all-in-one disinfectant product.

Perfect for Schools

The safe and non-toxic nature of BSafe’s HOCl makes it perfect for use in sanitizing and disinfecting items and surfaces in schools. It breaks down naturally, does not leave any residue and is completely safe even when it enters the mouth. Ideal while keeping our kids safe.

Additionally, BSafe HOCl’s safety allows it to be applied without the need for having to vacate  children or staff.

Suitable for use as a Vapor / Gas

HOCl can be safely and effectively applied by means of a mist or humidifier to decontaminate the air and all the surfaces in a room. Because of its electrostatic nature, the HOCl droplets will reach even the hardest to reach places, thereby providing an overall and full surface decontamination.

Importantly, HOCl can also be applied into ventilation and air conditioning systems, providing for the decontamination of circulated air.

Uniquely Suited for Dentistry

BSafe HOCl is free of any oral or nasal toxicities, skin sensitizations or irritations and offers anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties.  There is no risk of poisoning or causing damage to cells and tissue. These characteristics make it perfectly suited for use in dental in feed lines and in procedures such as root-canal treatments,

Hospitals, Doctors
and Vets

HOCl is no secret to the medical industry, as a result of the pathogen killing efficacy and high level of safety, it is used globally for the effective treatment of open wounds, treating of serious infection, sterilization of equipment and has been called “the gold standard” for infection control.

Food Processing

Hypochlorous Acid is non-toxic and extremely effective for use as a disinfectant of food stuffs and in preventing build up of contaminants on surfaces in the food processing industry. It has proven invaluable to many industries, from cleaning of vegetables to treatment of seafood. Additionally BSafe HOCl does not leave any toxic residue and has been been FDA approved as safe for treating food before consumption.

Water Treatment

The microbial and viricidal efficacy of Hypochlorous Acid, as well as its safety and harmlessness to humans has proven it to be ideal for Water Treatment – both in water processing and in the treatment and disinfection of potable water for consumption.

Industry and Manufacturing

BSafe HOCl can be used in a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, does not stain and does not leave residue.


HOCl technology has proven effective in a wide range of Agricultural applications. Ranging from the killing of pathogens to the treatment of fresh produce. The non-toxic nature of HOCl solutions make it ideal for such applications.


Our HOCl products are of great value to the mining industry. Crucially, all BSafe HOCl products are completely non-flammable and do not give off any toxic or flammable fumes whatsoever. These unique factors make it ideal for use in confined spaces or high risk areas.

Have some questions?

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Should you have any queries about our HOCl sanitation and hygiene solutions in South Africa, please contact our team for information and advice.

The Benefits are Unparalleled

BSafe HOCl is the most effective, safest and most cost-effective sanitizer on the market.

The overwhelming benefits of BSafe HOCl compared to current generation sanitizers cannot be understated. Many sanitizers are either toxic, flammable, give off dangerous fumes, or all of the above in the case of alcohol based sanitizers. Our HOCl products do none of the above, they are all completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.

The compounded benefits of the above mean that many industries are moving away from traditional, dangerous and often more expensive sanitation methods, to Hypochlorous Acid solutions. Our company specialises in supporting our clients in this process and we pride ourselves on providing tailor made sanitation soltions.

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