BSafe HOCl Face & Mask Sanitiser Starter Pack


BSafe HOCl Face & Mask Sanitiser Tablets – Infection Control – Starter Pack

BSafe HOCl harnessing the power of our natural immune system to improve our safety & protection.

Peace of mind, improved safety, reduced infections – sanitise your face.

50% of all illnesses such as Flu, Pneumonia, Covid, & TB infect us via the face – nose, mouth, eyes.
Research has shown that airborne & surface germs attach, collect & accumulate exponentially on the face & from there dislodge into the nose, mouth, eyes to begin infecting us.
Risk of infection increases as day progress – people being infected more later in day.
Our face is a primary link in the infection chain, the infection gateway.
It’s important that we keep our faces clean & free of harmful germs to reduce the risk of infections, improve our safety.
BSafeHOCl Face & Mask Sanitiser – a world 1st – making our face an important first line of defence against infections – giving us more peace of mind.
BSafeHOCl is based on a natural compound (HOCl) produced by our white blood cells & all our organs as part of our innate immune system to fight infections & kill invading pathogens.
HOCl is a broad-based super germ-killer, killing 99.999% of all germs, viricidal, (incl Covid) bactericidal, mycobacteria, sporicidal, fungicidal, prions (proteinaceous compounds) & biofilm.
Natural, biocompatible,100% safe, even for babies. Alcohol free, gentle on skin & cosmetic friendly.
NB! no risk of absorbing toxic foreign chemicals through the skin.
Because of its wonderful skin & cosmetic benefits, HOCl is used globally in cosmetic products.
The BSafeHOCl Face & Mask Sanitiser is in a tablet format – convenient, easy to use & cost-effective.
SABS 1853 compliant. HOCl is FDA/EPA & USDA approved as disinfectant.
FDA (USA) GRAS approved (highest safety category – ingestion & inhalation)

APPLICATION: Simply pop one Tablet into 150ml BSafeHOCl bottle, add tap water, ready to apply. Spray your face & mask regularly to kill harmful germs before they enter the nose, mouth, eyes.

What’s in the box
1 x 14 Tablets (one year supply) (1 tablet makes 150ml). Plus reusable 150ml Refill Bottle