What is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)?

BSafe HOCl’s is stabilized pH-neutral Hypochlorous acid (HOCl).
A revolutionary product for healing and disinfection.

Natural and Organic

Hypochlorous Acid is produced naturally in our bodies to fight infection.

Safe and Non-Toxic

HOCl is harmless and hazardless. It can even be sprayed directly into the face, eyes and mouth.

Powerful Disinfectant

HOCl has been proven to kill the full spectrum of pathogens. This includes all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The Summary

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a natural molecule produced by our own white blood cells as part of our immune system to calm inflammation  and defend against infections.  It is also produced by every one of our organs, including the skin.

This endogenous molecule therefore cannot harm us, but it is deadly to germs, bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation and infection. By harnessing the power of HOCl, we have produced applications such as our facial mist and disinfectant tablets.

The Problem

Our eyes, mouth, and nose are the primary entry and infection points for the various germs, bacteria and viruses. In fact, 25% of all human diseases, including flu, colds, mumps, chickenpox, measles, tuberculosis, etc., infect people through the face, specifically via the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Considering that an average person involuntarily touches their face several hundred times per day, it’s necessary to purify and protect the face to make a significant impact on infections.  

Inflammation is the root cause of many skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, dryness, loss of elasticity and even aging.

The Solution

The most effective way to purify, improve and protect your skin is to spray your face with a hypochlorous (HOCl) solution such as BSafeHOCl Facial Mist.

Frequent application of BSafe Hypochlorous (HOCl) facial spray will leave your skin refreshed, rehydrated and repaired while also reducing the risk of infection.

Benefits of BSafeHOCl Facial Mist:


BSafeHOCl Facial Mist is gentle on the skin, does not contain any alcohol, and is even safe enough to gargle with.

BSafeHOCl Facial Mist can be applied frequently and has no known side effects when used as instructed. In addition, the fine mist won’t smudge makeup.

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SAFER THAN ALCOHOL. Non flammable. Non toxic. Completely non hazardous.


Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial. Kills all known pathogens


Completely natural. Safe enough for face, eyes and mouth

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