BSafe HOCl

Natural Sanitizer

Hypochlorous Acid is produced naturally in our bodies to fight infection.

Safe and Non-Toxic

HOCl is harmless and hazardless. It can even be sprayed directly into the face, eyes and mouth.

Incredible Killing Power

HOCl has been proven to kill the full spectrum of pathogens. This includes all viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Welcome To BSafeHOCl

We are a proudly South African, Johannesburg-based, healthcare technology company. The founders of BSafeHOCl Pty have invested in the development of hypochlorous acid technology for over 20-years and researched its application in the field of dentistry and medicine. Since then, its applications have widened for use across many industries spanning medical, agricultural, industrial, beauty, and so much more.

BSafeHOCl has developed a range of products to help fight against COVID-19 and other harmful diseases such as flue, pneumonia, measles and tuberculosis (TB).

The first product launched was a highly effective face sanitiser. Using pure HOCl, a substance also produced by our immune system is the only active ingredient. This product helps to treat conditions like acne, inflammation, itching, swelling, eczema, body odour, nappy rash and many more.

HOCl is alcohol-free, baby and pet safe, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biocompatible.

Our latest product is an absolute world first, a sanitiser in tablet form. Aimed at saving you money and space (its packaging is much smaller and compact vs litres and litres of liquid sanitiser containers). Its use is simple: pop one tablet in your UV proof container and add tap water. Sanitiser any time, any place.

Also available at your nearest independent pharmacy

How to use the
BSafeHOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

Spray the BSafeHOCl Sanitising Facial Mist onto your hands and directly onto your face, focusing on the main points of infection.

Sanitise your face and mask (inside & out) to reduce the risk of infection and severity of infection. Spray your face regularly with BSafe Sanitising Facial Mist to keep your face free of viruses and other harmful pathogens.

The Gold Standard

for Infection Control

25% of all human diseases (flu, colds, Covid-19, pneumonia, chickenpox, measles, TB) attack and infect us via the face, through the nose, mouth, and eyes. The face is therefore our first line of defence in our battle in this pandemic against these viruses and harmful germs.

Because the Covid-19 virus is airborne and because we involuntarily touch our faces over 300 times per day, it is on the face that this Covid-19 virus and other harmful pathogens attach and accumulate, and cause the germs to double every hour, causing exponential growth, enhancing and escalating the risk of infection as the day progresses, enhancing the risk of millions of viruses being released from the face into the oral and nasal airways and the eyes to begin its destructive path of infection.

As the day progresses, so the risk of infection increases. Although, face masks are important in providing some protection, the eyes are left totally exposed to infection. The face is the critical link in the infection chain, the front line in this pandemic, its where the infection begins, its where we can fight back most effectively, where sanitation matters most. The BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist bolsters our defences against viral attack as a “Liquid Face Mask” to keep our families safer and better protected.


We will soon be releasing other new unique products – all aimed at combating this pandemic and infections.

Advantages of BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

Benefits of
BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

What makes BSafe HOCl so unique?

The BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist is based on a natural ingredient (HOCl) produced by our own white blood cells as part of our own immune system and is produced by every one of our organs, including the skin. It is highly effective against all types of germs, even the most hospital and antibiotic resistant strains, and is also extremely effective against all viruses, including the Corona Virus. It is between 50 and 300 times more effective than bleach and yet is 100% safe even for children and babies.

BSafe HOCl has harnessed the natural power of HOCl to bolster our defences on the face against attack and infection by these harmful pathogens and viruses to improve the safety and protection of our families and to prevent infection.

Order your
Sanitising Facial Mist today

Our Sanitising Facial Mist comes in three convenient sizes and is available for online order.

Order your preferred size – 50 ml, 100 ml, or 250 ml – in single units or boxes of 12 or 24 units for your convenience. We offer free delivery on all orders above R500.

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Should you have any queries about our HOCl sanitation and hygiene solutions in South Africa, please contact our team for information and advice.

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