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BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

This revolutionary Sanitising Facial Mist fights infections where it matters most.  25% of all diseases, including Covid-19, TB, measles, and flu, enter and infect us through the face – the nose, mouth and eyes. Traditional alcohol-based and other toxic chemical sanitisers are not safe for use on the face. 

BSafe Sanitising Facial Mist is safe and natural, and gently protects and rejuvenates your skin. Regular misting with the Bsafe Sanitising Facial Mist has shown to be completely effective by killing the viruses and bacteria that accumulate on the face. This Sanitising Facial Mist is scientifically proven and is SABS and NRCS approved.

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Benefits of
BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

HOCl is naturally produced by our bodies to fight infection.

How to use the
BSafeHOCl Sanitising Facial Mist

BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist is a gentle yet remarkably effective sanitiser that is suitable for use on your face, masks and hands. Simply spray the BSafe HOCl Sanitising Facial Mist onto your hands and directly onto your face, focusing on the main points of infection such as the mouth, eyes and nose. No irritation should occur, but if it does, please refrain from further use.

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